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… I spent a long time looking for the perfect material to make my ideal wallet.

fused plastic works well, it is cheerful, colourful and makes a clear statement, but on occasions I thought I might prefer something more mundane, and a little sturdier.

…several experiments were made with differing qualities of felt. Conclusion: it has to be heavy duty, otherwise the wallet crumples in your bag like a well used note. But felt is cheerful and can be bright, there are a couple on etsy.

… oil cloth may work, I bought some, it is still in my sewing box, and other ideas on how I want to use it are swimming in my mind these days.

… visiting friends in California, a day trip to San Francisco, wondering from shop to shop, admiring, feeling, absorbing, dreaming… so many wonderful things – like in most new cities, I tend to do most of my shopping when I am travelling. A home decor shop, beautiful pottery, gadgets, objects that I probably didn’t need, that definitely wouldn’t travel, that mostly I couldn’t afford anyway. Then I saw them… the answer to that long standing question “what can I use to make a wallet like mine, given I don’t have old banners at hand?”. A stand of beautiful place-mats!

… the bright turquoise one chosen, wrapped, carried home across the Atlantic and duly stored in my sewing box. Moments of guilt, should I really be cutting up an expensive place-mat that would look pretty good on my table? A rainy day, out comes the battered old wallet, the place-mat, the scissors, the sewing machine… and anything else?

… ribbons! To finish off the edges, what better than bright colourful ribbons. The place-mat is cut, the edges are trimmed, the sewing is done, a wallet is made, and another, and another – two happy friends and I. And enough mat left over to make a couple of card wallets. Since then I have bought several other place-mats, dug into my box of ribbons, and made a few more wallets. I am pretty pleased with them!