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… several years ago I bought a wallet made from upcycled banner, it was simple, it was sturdy, it was the perfect size, I loved it, but over the years it wore out… and I kept on using it because I couldn’t find anything that I liked to replace it.

… last christmas, the office end of year party, and we were all asked to bring a gift, suitable for anyone, ideally something home-made, recycled or local… I racked my brains, searched the shops, and the night before the party realised I still hadn’t found anything.

… thank goodness for the interweb!

… one thing I had plenty of was plastic bags, so a quick search online and I found a tutorial to make fused plastic, out came the iron, the greaseproof paper and a pile of bags, a couple of attempts later and I had a respectable sheet of fused plastic. Next step was to get out the falling-apart wallet and use it was a template. Then it was time to get out the sewing machine.

… by the end of the evening I had 2 wallets – one for me, one for the random gift receiver. It met all the criteria – except maybe the local as the bags had been collected during my travels šŸ™‚

… the wallet was so well received, and I still had a whole lot of plastic bags, so I have since made a bunch more. Initially I just gave them to friends as gifts, but people started asking where they could find them, so since then I have also listed a few in my etsy shop.

… you might know someone who would like one?