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… which came first the pin or the blog?

… there is no doubt that today we have more access than ever to information, and the ways we find that information keeps on changing. I am old enough to remember encyclopaedias, cd-roms, the first searches on the internet with a revolutionary site called Altavista. Progress bars filling slowly, inching forward as the search engine rummaged through each of a dozen sources for the titbit of information you needed. You had to be sure to get your search criteria right, with asterixes and plus signs, quotation marks and other such hieroglyphics if you wanted to find anything useful.

… lately I have moved from buying laundry detergent to making my own. I stumbled upon the fact this was even possible somewhere on the internet. I was looking for advice on freshening up my bikram yoga towels. At the minute I am practising up to 4 times a week. I know women are only supposed to glow, but, in yoga class, I am like a horse, I sweat. Despite washing my towel after every class, it was still smelling musty. I needed to take action.

… an online search led to a blog that led to another and another, and not only did I find the solution for musty towels (vinegar and baking soda), but I also found a million recipes for laundry detergent (soap, borax and washing soda with a little essential oil for good measure).

… keeping a track of all these hints and finds is made so much easier with pinterest, like so many others, I keep a track of useful tips, recipes, wish lists and ideas for projects there. And I follow others’ pins, getting inspired by some of the creative and interesting people out there with styles, tastes or interests similar to mine. But when I am reading something new, find myself following a new blog, I can’t always remember whether I got there because I stumbled on the blog first, or the pin!