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… a warehouse of temptation! Today I discovered a new fabric shop. I had heard about it long ago, a friend travelled there from Luxembourg to buy the material for her living room when she moved into her new place – about 10 years ago. Other people had mentioned it to me over the years, but I had never gotten round to visiting it. Somehow I thought it was off the beaten path, difficult to get to, hard to find. It was across a bridge from a busy square I often pass through!

… two floors that go on, and on, and on, a labyrinth of rooms and sections, departments and classifications, Japanese cottons to classic wools, heavy duty canvas to fake fur, every colour under the rainbow, and a million textures to run your hands over.
… luckily we had already been to Berger, the cheap and well stocked, if chaotic, shop first. I had already been tempted by some fun material for bags and a cowl, polka dots to line a wallet. My friend had found the grey wool mix for her next project, a Japanese dress, that I will help her make next week. It made it easier to resist – a bit.

… half a meter of pretty knitted turquoise fluff for another cowl for me and some checked cotton for the long requested pyjama bottoms for her Mr. We left relatively unscathed!

… home as the rain started, it was no longer weather to take the dog for a walk in the forest – sorry rafeiro. Instead, I whipped up the olive green jersey cowl and the fluffy turquoise knitted one in less than an hour. I haven’t taken the fluffy one off since.