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… its a tangled web, etsy.

… like so many, I love making things, sometimes I get carried away, I end up with more things than I need, like the day I ended up making 10 wallets because I was on a roll, or the one I made 5 iphone cases because I was using up scraps.

… like so many I have adopted etsy as my market place. I squeeze in quietly, amidst so many talented people, people making stuff I dream of, people making things that look better than what you can find in the shops, people making such a variety of original and beautiful items. But like any market place, you need to get noticed, to draw people into your humble shack, to entice them with the things you have made, you have to be different, unique, competitive and dynamic.

… there are guidelines, recommendations, ways of getting noticed, that usually involve browsing everyone else’s shops, favouriting, creating treasuries (kind of wish lists). There are guidelines, recommendations, ways of getting your treasuries noticed, so you in turn get noticed. It takes a huge investment of time and energy.

… temptation! Such an investment wouldn’t be a problem if people weren’t listing so many gorgeous things. But a girl can only take a certain amount of monitor shopping before she cracks, slips discretely into a new found shop and makes a purchase. I have bought all kinds of things on etsy, from juggling balls to cardigans to hot water bottles and art work. It feels so good to support other artists and artisans, to help people who are launching amazing businesses, but…

… it doesn’t shift the numerous bags hanging off my radiator, the box full of wallets and pouches, the bag of scarves, the projects and creations I haven’t found a home for yet. And my idea to make a few euros to fund my crafting habits is completely lost as I spend far more than I earn!

… an etsy convo (that would be an email, a message, a conversation on any other social media!), someone launching a new initiative “do you want to trade some of your items?”. A list of people looking to raise their profile, pick up a few seasonal gifts, or treats for themselves, at the cost of an item from their own shop – seems like a win-win situation.

…a browse through a few shops that catch my eye, a scarf in Scotland, lip balm in Ireland, a bowl in Latvia, a bag in Cyprus. Messages sent, responses come in… the scarf gets exchanged for a trivet, the lip balm for a wallet… what a fabulous way to end the day!