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… looking for an excuse to shop? Wanting to shop responsibly?

…I don’t think I have ever hidden my love for etsy. My walls are adorned with art work discovered there; presents given are often chosen there; my wardrobe contains many items handmade by incredibly talented people from around the world found there; I have toiletries and accessories that I couldn’t resist there; even my favourite hot water bottle was bought there.

…but it is a labyrinth finding what you want there. I already mentioned the challenges of treasuries and followings, favourites and front pages… so a directory of (mainly etsy) sellers that have something in common with what you like – even if that something is a favourite blog – can only be a good thing.

… I don’t remember when I started following door sixteen, but it is one of the blogs I read regularly. Initially I loved it for the house renovation, which resonated with what I would love to achieve with a house if ever I owned one, but recently I have made recipes Anna has posted and even bought toiletries based on a D16 recommendation!

… I especially love Anna’s recent post on staying independent when doing your holiday shopping. But not only for the message which I fully endorse, but also for the invitation for independent business owners to list their shops in the comments… I have visited a few lot of them already – there are some really talented people out there, and a lot of beautiful things!

… I can only recommend wandering over and having a browse 🙂