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… part of the pleasure of gift giving is the wrapping.

… when i was growing up maps were almost on par with books in terms of sacredness. They were bought, used and kept, even when roads were built, countries changed names and new maps were bought for return trips to a favourite place.

… I had carried this habit into adulthood. Many moves from country to country has made me more rational about the books I keep. If they weren’t written by a friend, or a book I know I will likely reread, they are passed on, donated, left in a public place for someone else to pick up. My box of maps wasn’t staying so streamlined.

… looking for inspiration recently for a number of gifts I wanted to wrap, I pulled out the map box. A map chosen of a country that we had visited both together and independently, cut into pieces and used as wrapping paper. The creases and wrinkles, marks and fadedness adding to the story behind the wrapping.

… One day I might run out of maps, as like so many people, I have adopted modern technology, and the gps won’t be much use as gift wrap!