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… a trend seemed to be appearing on my “things to make” pinterest board – knitted baskets. I have a weakness for stylish storage solutions, the knitted baskets I kept bumping into on the interweb looked good, and surely they couldn’t be that hard to make?


… I like knitting – quick and easy projects – I soon get bored when I start losing count of slipped stitches and pssos and k2togs, but I probably need to move on from my favourite cowl pattern which I made 5 times last winter. My friends all seem to be wearing similar neckwear to me.

… I had been on the lookout for the perfect material to knit a basket with for a while. I had thought old fashioned cotton washing line, I couldn’t find old fashioned washing line. I was curtly told in the local drugstore that they had been selling plastified washing line for several decades already. That really wasn’t going to give me the look I was going for. I kept looking…

… in the craft shop to buy material paint for my tea towels, and I spotted some rolls of twine, 4€ for 25m… that would do. At home, out came the circular knitting needle, 35 stitches cast on, work joint to knit in the round paying due attention it wasn’t twisted. I have done that once, and it wasn’t even a little bit useable, I had thought it might make an interesting cowl. It made a froggeable project (I love that expression!).
knitted_basket03… knit, knit, knit… round and round I went for about 12 rows, until I had a decent depth basket, then I had to make it go in at the bottom. I seemed to remember some pattern I had looked at a while back mentioning k2togging (knitting 2 together) every few stitches… I did every 4. At some point I had to transfer to my double ended needles (DPNs – knitting has almost as many acronyms as working for an NGO!). I didn’t use them from the start as last time I used them I struggled to stop the stitches falling off the ends until I decided to hold them all on with clothes pegs, which was hardly an elegant solution! I kept k2togging until I only had 4 stitches left, then I bound off, tied a knot in the end of the string and pulled it through to the inside of the basket…

… it isn’t perfect, but it looks pretty cute when it is full… I think I might look for a better pattern next time though πŸ™‚

Instructions for a string knitted basket
ball of string
European no 10 circular needle

cast on 35 stitches
join to knit in the round making sure the work isn’t twisted.
knit, knit, knit to desired height (I did 12 rows)
k2tog, k4, repeat until it gets awkward – at some point you may want to transfer to DPN
when you have 10 stitches left k2tog, k3, then k2tog, k2
to finish bind off, tie a knot in the end of the string and pull it to the inside of the work.