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… bath time. Always a fight to get the kids I babysat years ago into the water, and then again to get them out of the water. One day in a moment of absolute exasperation Salvador, aged 8, turned round to me and told me in all seriousness “who goes slowly goes far”… Perhaps not all together true at bath time, but it seems to apply to me rather too often these days – at least the slowly bit!

… new apartment, new organisational strategies, new homes for the detritus of my years, it is part of the fun and one of the biggest challenges each time I move (rather often). One of the questions is always where to keep the bikes, I am an avid(ish) cyclist with a modest 3 bikes, but they take up space. I have walked away from beautiful apartments that just aren’t bike friendly, and have always found a spot for them in the kitchen, hallway, spare room, living room. In one place they even lived in the garage!

… October 2010 – over 2 years ago – setting up my new home in Brussels, the bikes stored in a corner of the living room until I found a solution for them. Reluctant to leave them in the basement without having some way of securing them, or a better lock on the door, I got used to them, my cleaning lady not so much!

… a short time later, an evening spent in an online bike shop (yes, whole evenings can go that way!), and I found some nifty looking hooks that you could lock your bike to. Three ordered, delivered and left out until I had an opportunity to hang them. At some point they were put away in the storage cupboard, they were never forgotten.

… the lack of power socket in the basement was one of the hurdles that stopped me installing them straight away, but it is a long time since I had to buy an extra long extension cable that reached the basement.

… a new cupboard waiting to be renovated, that is going to lead to a furniture shuffle, suddenly the bikes were in the way. Wall measured, bikes measured, maths done, distances calculated, marks drawn on the wall, holes drilled, hangers hung – with a trip to the hardware store mid-operation to get shorter screws as I couldn’t screw the long ones all the way in – and bikes moved to the basement and safely locked to the wall and each other. It took half a day!

… my living room seems huge!IMG_1217