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… I wonder if she likes it?

… I have been making bags over the past months, each one is different, I start off with an idea, but invariably it evolves as I stitch and sew, never quite knowing what the end product is going to look like.

… a couple of months ago, with a friend, in our favourite fabric shop, and some neon orange material jumped off a bottom shelf at me, screaming to be taken home and made into something beautiful. I had to oblige. I found some grey canvas-like-cotton to accompany it, and home we rushed.

… a few days later, out comes the sewing machine, and off we set, with a clear idea of a colour blocked design – mainly grey and just a flash of orange at the bottom. The outside is quickly sewn up, then I start thinking about the lining, there needs to be a pocket, maybe I can use some more of the neon, things take shape and I end up with a hidden pocket in an orange stripe. Straps are added, a reversible bag is finished.

… an iphone snap, posted on instagram, and a friend comments immediately – he wants it, a present for his wife! More photos are sent, the request is confirmed, another friend travelling south who can take it, everything works out.

… preparing to wrap the bag, get it ready to go on its way, and I decide I could add a matching pouch, a little surprise to tuck into the bag, out comes the sewing machine, material, lining, a zipper, a pouch is made, wrapped, tucked inside the bag before it is wrapped.

… it should have reached its new owner today, I hope she likes it!

neon01 neon03 neon04 neon05 pouch02