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… walking home from the cinema, late night window shopping with a friend. She is expecting her first child, a baby shop, she is looking for a good winter suit, prices seem high for such a tiny outfit. I tell her it shouldn’t be too complicated to make, she offers to buy the material and pay me for the work if I want to rise to the challenge.

… at the post office, picking up a parcel a few weeks later, I am across the road from a fabric shop, I go in, pick up some fleece and some velvety material for the lining… bright colours for a boy in a northern winter.

… home and surfing the internet, looking for a suitable pattern, there isn’t much out there, maybe a couple I can adapt, they are pinned for later reference.

… sewing school one day, one of my friends can’t make it on our usual evening, she comes over the next morning, accompanied by baby. I have barely greeted her before I am examining what baby is wearing and asking to please use her winter suit to quickly draft a pattern.

… things get busy, material and pattern draft are put away in my sewing cupboard, until finally, Christmas eve, a quiet day to myself. Out comes the rough pattern, I redraft, measure, think, and rush out to buy a zip before the shops close.

… home and I cut the material. It takes me a while to pluck up the courage to make the first cut, what if I got it all wrong, this is something so new, difficult to visualise what I am making, how will it all come together: integral feet, mittens and a hood…

… pieces cut, first stitches sewn, the hood looks like a hood, the feet work out, sleeves onto the body, side seams sewn, it is all coming together. Getting the feet in place is a bit more fiddly, I gather the material at the back a bit, the hood gets gathered too. Wow, it really looks like a snow suit!

… second piece of material, this time it is quicker, I remember to only cut 1 of each side of the front, I repeat the steps, I have a second suit.

… one suit inside the other, toes sewn together, then zipper pinned, tacked and sewn into place, hoods sewn together, cuffs sewn together. I am pretty pleased with it.

… a few remnants, a quick sew and using this pattern I make a little matching hat. I can’t wait for my friend to come back from her holiday break!

… I am going to try and digitalise the pattern, I’ll post a tutorial here if I manage!