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… or big purple tunic!

… I fell in love with the design for a this grey fleece dress the minute I saw the pattern on this blog. The only problem – it was a 4 year old child’s size, but surely it couldn’t be that hard to resize?

Little grey dress from "un petit design"

… I pinned it and soon afterwards I bought some lovely plum fleece, knowing exactly what I was going to use it for – when I got round to it.

… finally some free time, I downloaded the tiny pattern, examined the instructions, and scratched my head, how was I going to go about this? Was there any point in printing out the pattern if I wasn’t going to actually use it? My printer is old and clunky, and kept in the back of a cupboard, I think twice every time I need to print! It saves paper!

… out come my Japanese pattern books, looking for something with a similar shape. I find a likely candidate, trace the pattern for the back and then start thinking about the front. Original pattern at 100% on my screen, ruler in hand, I consider the size of her pleats relative to the size of the dress, decide 4 pleats of 3 cm each will be fine, I add 6 cm to the middle of the front pattern. I cut the patterns out, but leave an extra few centimetres at the top of the front. I draw the lines for the pleats, working out where I want them, then I fold the pattern paper and cut the neck line with the pleats in situ – like that I get the right “waves” at the top of the pattern.

… material folded, front and back cut. I wait to cut the neck strip until I can measure the neck hole. Pleats are sewn following the instructions from the original pattern, shoulder and side seams closed, neck measured, for my top I need a strip of material 70 cm long by 25 cm wide, back to the instructions…

… it is as fabulous as I hoped it would be!