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… about to leave the house, I grab an old bubble wrap envelope and stick my shiny new laptop in it, it will do…

… I love my laptop, but it is bulky and the battery is dead, so I don’t love travelling with it. A new business venture last summer, a couple of business trips, lengthy flights/train journeys when I really wanted to be able to work. I decided to invest in a netbook for travelling. I used the most “technical” criteria I could to chose the perfect model: the colour…

… deciding an old envelope is perhaps not the most elegant long term solution, shortly after that first trip to London I whipped up a pouch for my new computer. Some towelling left over from the yoga towels I made last spring (I hate it when my towel doesn’t cover my whole mat in yoga, custom sized towels are essential!), a re-purposed pink tea towel and a couple of snap fasteners… a perfect pouch. It isn’t super classy, but it protects my laptop, and it matches!


… a few weeks ago, a friend I am teaching to sew was over, sewing. She spotted my laptop in its case and commented she needed to make a case for her ipad.

… this week, I needed a gift for this same friend, I thought about all the things I have made recently, wondering what to take her, then I remember her comment about the ipad case. I know she loves some material I picked up a while ago, planning to make a(nother) bag, material that is still sat in the hamper with all those other projects on my “to do” list.

… I google ipad dimensions, look at an online tutorial to check the dimensions they used, cut out my material and some fleece to line it. I add a length of vinyl to the bottom of the case as a contrast to the loose weave “wool” (I don’t think a sheep was ever anywhere near this material). I sew the side seams of the outer case, sew the bottom and side seams of the liner, I turn the outside right way out, keep the liner inside out and slip it into the outer. I fold over the top edges and top stitch the two cases together. Finally I added a little strip of vinyl and a snap fastener to close the pouch…

… before I actually give it to her I need to be sure it fits. I slip the pouch into my bag and head out to my local electronics shop… admiring the display of ipads, I get out my pouch and test it for fit. Perfect. I take the ipad out, put the pouch back in my bag… and notice the salesperson watching me with a puzzled expression… I explain… “oh, ok…” I guess its not everyday people come in to size test their creations!