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… an unexpected arrival, or at least an early arrival!

… the other evening I was running through projects in my mind, thinking of all the things I want to make, the fabric I have bought, the ideas I have had, and trying to plan on actually moving some of them from idea to action.

… it wouldn’t make sense to plan without throwing some new ideas in to the mix, would it?! A couple of plans to recover some of my recent flops, and a completely new idea too, although admittedly it would use up a piece of fabric from the cupboard too.

… yesterday, after a trip to the police station to report the break in to my car (they took the radio and a very old cereal bar, I hope they got indigestion!), I decided a trip to the fabric shop was in order. It was just along the road. I only needed 1/2 meter of the petrol blue fleece I had already used for the baby suit. I wanted to make a matching baby blanket.

… not so lucky this time, none of the right blue fleece on display, and none in the storeroom either. I took some orange instead. And I somehow ended up with another metre of flannel for another project. It is an illness!

… home, and I dug out the patterned cotton, octopi and other wonderful underwater creatures, my friend is also a marine biologist. I cut a length of the cotton, and an equal length of the fleece, sewed them together up the sides right sides together, then laid them out flat, the fleece was 10 cm wider than the cotton so that made a fleece border on the cotton side, sewed them across the top and bottom, leaving a hand-sized hole, trimmed the corners, turned the whole thing right side out, pressed it, and top stitched the top and bottom closing the hand hole.

… I will go and see my friend tomorrow and meet her early arrival. I think she will like the surprise.