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… everyone who has been reading my posts recently must be sick of hearing me talk about how I have great plans to make a coat, and I keep turning in circles around it…

… this weekend I traced the pattern and cut the material, and didn’t get any further – I had 2 whole days to sew, I made a baby snow suit in less time… what is holding me back?

… last night I was thinking things through. It is not like I have never made a coat before, one of my early projects, when I was in high school, was a “fabulous” fashionable carpet coat (forgive me, it was the 80s). Later, during my university days I made a reversible fleece for my boyfriend’s sister, then I made myself a reversible rain jacket with a cosy fleece lining and I made a smart lined woollen blazer… there may have been others since, I can’t remember right now…

… so what is holding me back?

… I have always sewn alone, never really known anyone else who sews except my mother who guided me for my first steps, and a friend’s mother who worked on some of my early projects with me (including the carpet coat) and my best friend who has always been far away in another town, on another continent…

… I used to buy patterns, or burda magazine, buy my material and work my way through the instructions until I had a finished garment. Later I stopped buying patterns, used existing clothes, or ideas and drafted my own patterns, made things as I imagined them…

… the Minoru is very, very different. It seems everyone on the internet has already made it, already blogged about it, posted photos of their finished product… there is so much information available about it, every time I take a step towards starting it, I get lost in researching what someone has to say about some specific detail, I worry that mine won’t compare to all the amazing examples out there… and I lose a day, or two, stumbling from one blog to another, and not making progress!

… this morning I decided I need to shake this, and just go for it, as if it were my own design, something from a magazine, something I have no idea how it will end up – like everything else I make that turns out fine!

… and then this evening a post popped up in my reader, on the sewaholic blog – about “a little less inspiration, a little more action”… timely!

… so I am off to yoga, and when I get home I am going to take the first Minoru steps!

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