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… sew, unpick, sew, unpick….

… all has not been going well on the Minoru front, I am hugely disappointed. A couple of weeks ago I finally put my head down, and decided to get on with making my coat. I settled on a size, traced the pattern, cut the pattern, cut the material, prepared the pieces with tailor tacks and nips, and started tacking and sewing…

… I made modifications along the way, lined the hood, made lateral pockets, put the pieces together, recognised straight away I don’t have the hips for the size I chose, I adapted a bit, I sewed and top stitched, interfaced and added the zipper, slipped the outer layer of the jacket on, zipped up and realised I could have a friend or 2 over and we wouldn’t need to open the zipper… I have made a tent, not a coat!

… I called a friend and trotted over to hers, coat and pins in my bag, tried to work out where I could nip, tuck, take in and adjust… I came home, undid seams, resewed, modified and worked on it… and tried it back on… it is better… now there is probably only room for 1 guest at a time… still a long way to go…

… now I find myself in a dilemma, either I take all the pieces apart (all that top stitching on wool…) and try and cut a new smaller model from the pieces, or I give up… I am stuck on a fence of indecision… and to add insult to injury, the fabric I chose seems too fragile for so much coming and going, the beautiful “embroidered” patterns on the material are falling off, so I look like I have been lying in a plate of black spaghetti, with dark noodles of embroidery thread dangling from my back. If I rework it all, I am going to need to re-embroider the material too!

… the Minoru lies in a sorry ball, taunting me while I try and keep busy doing anything but sewing.

… today a friend needed help shortening some curtains, I had to acknowledge there is a sewing machine on my living room table, so I decided a quick, easy and fool proof project was needed to reconcile me with it… what else but an infinity scarf.

… a job interview in deepest rural southern England last month (no news yet, but they told me thery would be taking their time), a morning in London before I caught the Eurostar home, and I decided to go to Liberty, a friend told me fabric was much cheaper there than the Liberty prints you can get here… maybe! But as I had gone all that way, I didn’t feel I could leave empty handed, so I took 1/2m of jersey material on sale to make myself another infinity scarf.

… I hate the cold, am always cold, spend about 8 months a year wearing scarves, a girl can never have too many, and I especially love jersey infinity scarves, they are cosy without too much bulk or itch, and can spruce up an outfit instantly, especially in a pretty Liberty print!

… I love that these take 10 minutes to make … now if only the material wasn’t so expensive, I could have made a bunch! Just a couple of seams and a few top stitches to close the hole needed to pull the inside out scarf right side out…

… maybe sewing isn’t that frustrating after all!