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… working my way through the pile of fabric I “won” from fabric shop, my next project was a pair of trousers.

… I am not sure what the material is, I thought it was wool, but I carefully washed a 10×10 cm square, and it came out the washer 10x10cm, so I guess it isn’t wool after all. Phew, I don’t do unwashable clothes willingly. Just to be safe, I threw the whole length of material in the wash. I forget to do this too often. Luckily I have a short thin friend who is happy to receive the countless trousers I have made, that then shrank on the first wash. It happens embarrassingly often!

… I went back to the Japanese pattern I already used for my pyjamas, they fit really well. This time I sewed in the darts, added the invisible zipper. I also added a side pocket. I hate trousers without pockets. I followed the pattern instructions and added belt loops, lined the waist band to ensure a neater edge, and voilà. A super pair of warm winter trousers…

… I know I should be thinking about spring, the snowdrops already made an appearance in the garden, but they were too early this year, and are now under a thick layer of fresh snow!