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… when I bought my beautiful orange Moroccan carpet home I decided I should tone down some of the other colors in my living room. For a year I have lived with a sober palette of beige and brown, with just a dash of lime green…

2a0304a45cbd11e19e4a12313813ffc0_7… last autumn at the fabric store, in a dark and dusty corner, I came across a bolt of brown corduroy – with a pink and orange sequinned design – I knew it would be perfect to bring a bit of sparkle to my living room as a cushion cover. I brought home half a metre, whipped up a simple zipped cushion cover and there was some missing sparkle back in my living room!

… last month, accompanying a friend to the fabric shop, with no intention to buy anything, I somehow ended up purchasing a couple of metres of soft fluffy cream fleece… and then, as I was waiting to pay, I spotted some gaudy pink and gold Chinese style material. The magpie in my couldn’t resist the shininess. Fifty cm in my pile, a pink zipper, and now I have 2 bright cushions cheering up the sober browns and beiges.