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… it has been on my to-do list for ages, but somehow I never remembered to buy the fabric, despite coming home with all sorts of unplanned projects every time I even walk past a fabric store…

… it was cheap, ridiculously cheap, and rather nasty… For some reason a friend bought me an ironing board not long after I moved to Belgium, I think I had asked her if she had a spare one when she told me she was clearing out a lot of stuff from her basement. She didn’t, but then one day she turned up at my place with a plastic wrapped ironing board, with 10€ scrawled on the plastic wrap. It wasn’t pretty, but it would do the job, and has done for the past 2 years.

… but not only was the cover swirls of red, and I really don’t like red at all, the cover was too small, so every time you ironed it would slip off. I knew it wasn’t complicated to make a cover, I planned to make a cover… I just needed some suitable fabric.

… finally, another trip to the fabric shop yesterday with another friend – who wanted advice on some future projects – and I remembered to pick up 50cm of brightly patterned heavy duty cotton. This afternoon after finally plucking up the courage and tackling a belt for a friend’s wedding dress, I needed a simple project to decompress. I followed this tutorial for dimensions, but as I didn’t have elastic in the house, I used string, and one of those squeezy toggles.

… what a difference a piece of cheerful fabric makes!