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… I expect most homes in countries where there is an ikea have one of their plain white wall clocks. They aren’t pretty, but they aren’t especially ugly either, and they are really cheap.

RUSCH Horloge murale IKEA

… I used to have a wonderful stainless steel clock, but it got dropped once too often in one move too many, and just didn’t have the same style once it was dented. It was discarded somewhere along the line.

… since then I have had this simple white clock hanging on my wall. I suspect it was bought as an interim solution, until I found something I liked better to replace the metal clock. But while it worked I never got round to replacing it.

… I have spent hours on etsy looking at clocks, but while there were a ton of wonderful clocks, nothing ever jumped off the screen and shouted “you need me”…

… the other day perusing design sponge, a sneak peek, my eyes fell on a beautiful yellow clock. I searched for something similar, but couldn’t find anything affordable, or where the shipping wasn’t exhorbitant. I kept thinking about that clock, every time I was in the kitchen I glared at my dull white clock. It just wasn’t cheerful enough for me any more. I needed color!

… then I had a moments inspiration. Why not paint the dull clock? I had bright orange paint left over from painting the legs of my table. Perfect! I carefully taped over the face of the clock, placed it on a piece of cardboard and cleared a patch in the snow on my terrace. I primed then painted and painted and painted over 4 days, bringing the clock inside between paint layers to allow it to dry…

… now I smile every time I check the time.