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… last September, looking for inspiration for my sewing “school”, easy patterns as a next step from A-line skirts for my friends to make… Burda magazine had a few options, but nothing fantastic, and then I stumbled upon the “Dossiers couture” Japanese sewing series.

… plastic wrapped, I took a gamble, the cover looked promising, when I got home I loved almost everything. In fact, I liked it so much I went back the next day to buy another copy for my best friend, and the next volume had just been released, so I bought a second copy of the first magazine and 2 copies of the second!

… the first pattern I tried was a mandarin collared shirt. I had some light flowery material I had picked up in Lisbon in the spring from the bargain bin. It was perfect, and sewed up in an instant, but it was already too cold to wear such a light blouse, so I then picked up some bouclé wool material and made a second version. The lady in the fabric shop persuaded me to go for the mustard, I really wasn’t sure, but I actually wore the top all winter.

… spring arrived in Brussels this week, and at the beginning of the week temperatures were hovering around 20ºC. I decided to wear the flowery top over a long sleeved t-shirt, it was perfect and I got a bunch of compliments all day.

… walking home from a series of meetings, I happened to pass in front of the fabric shop, and despite trying to persuade myself to “keep walking”, I succumbed to temptation and popped in “just to see the new materials”. I was even impressed with myself as nothing really tempted me… until I got to the back of the shop and the “children’s” jerseys. “I’ll take a metre of that please”…

… I came home and cut out a third top and sewed it up the same evening…

… now I just need to finish my cargo trousers I am working on.