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… step by step, they came together, inner pockets, outer pockets, front pockets, back pockets and side pockets – with a flap!

… there is also a decorative fly, and the elastic in the waist comes out the waist band on the front sides to be secured with adjustable fabric endings (no idea what the technical term for these is!) that attach to buttons. There are 2 size options for fat days and thin days! All these details took a while to sew up, but it was totally worth it as the trousers look really good.

… I have tried and tried again, I have even had the instruction manual out, but I cannot manage to sew button holes on my Bernina. Everything jams early on in the process. I could have gotten out my old machine which does button holes well, but I just decided to use snap fasteners instead. I think they match the casual style of the trousers well. Luckily I got to this step mid-afternoon, as I have had neighbours complain in the past, when I have been hammering away at fasteners, finishing off wallets before our Christmas sale!

… I am not sure what the fabric is, some kind of heavy duty cotton, it is very soft to the touch, and very thick. Needles were broken when I had to fight through 3 or 4 layers of it, like when I sewed the side pocket flaps on. I think it may actually be intended for covering sofas and the such like, it was 2.80m wide, I still have a lot of the stuff left! It was another piece from my “lottery win” at the beginning of the year.

… I am definitely going to make another pair of these, in lighter weight fabric, for the summer. They are both comfortable and super flattering. The pattern says they are low waisted, I clearly have a low waist as they sit at exactly my waist. I actually prefer that.