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… and time to start thinking about all (well both) the challenges I have signed up to!

… firstly the Burda sew-along

… last night I got out both my Burda magazines (I need to ask a friend for my third one back!) and I looked at all the projects. A couple of tops are maybes, but I think they will entail buying more jersey material. I still need to check my box of fabric and double check I don’t have anything I have forgotten about before I go shopping…

… I should also go through the big box of traced out Burda patterns I have from all my earlier sewing adventures through the 80s and 90s. Although I no longer have the accompanying instructions, there may be something I might want to remake there…

burda01 burda02

… then me-made-May, as I was up late last night finishing off a sewing project (the Dixie DIY hot cocoa sweater – more about that later), and it was past midnight when I finally got to bed I decided I should start with me-mades straight away, so I opted for my cosy flowery flannel pyjamas

… and then this morning I decided to go with my recently finished cargo pants… so that is one day of success, only 14 more to go (I only pledged to wear me-mades 3x week as I don’t have nearly enough clothes for everyday!).

burda04 burda03