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… I never thought it would come to this…

… a while back, fabric shopping, rummaging around the bargain section, and I stumbled upon the end of a bolt of lacy knitted blue woollen fabric. I looked at it, ran my fingers over it, took it off the shelf, put it back on the shelf, carried on looking, went back for a second look, moved on quickly, but by the third time I found myself holding the bolt I just tucked it under my arm and carried it to the cashier. There was only 1.5m, I was on a renfrew run, I thought I’d just make another cowl necked version…

… I had visitors at the beginning of April, so sewing supplies were put away, then I had a lot of work, I didn’t get much sewing done, just my cargo pants that took quite a while. I completely forgot about the blue knit fabric.

… a moment of procrastination inspiration gathering, pootling from one blog to another and I stumbled across the Dixie DIY hot cocoa sweater. Nice, I pinned it for later reference.

… looking for some fabric for different project, I saw the blue wool. Immediately I knew it would make a perfect hot cocoa. The fabric was washed, dried, laid out, cut and sewn up in an evening and was worn yesterday. The only change I made to the pattern was to add a couple of centimetres to the front and back, I don’t like short tops, but I have a short torso, now it fits me exactly as I like.