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… a couple of weeks ago, I read about the “Stoffen Spektakel” market on Beata’s blog Red Point Tailor. She had found some lovely looking fabric, I was curious about the market, I checked their website, who can resist an event that brands itself as a “fabric extravaganza”?

… I saw they hold markets all over the Netherlands, Belgium, the north of France and Germany, I saw a bunch of photos, it really looked like an extravaganza.

… I emailed a few sewing friends, “anyone up for a day trip?”, one friend replied “yes!”.

… Sunday lunch time, the sun was shining, we pointed the car north east and headed to Kortrijk, neither of us knew the town, so the plan was fabric extravaganza followed by a bit of tourism…

… the market was easy to find, the car park wasn’t too crowded, we ventured into the exhibition hall… and took a deep breath! There was a lot of fabric! We started off cautiously, spotting “possibles”, checking prices, noting things to come back to (that we never made it back to!), then I made the first purchase.


… it wasn’t on my list, but how could I resist fish and polka dots together on the same fabric, on jersey? It will be a t-shirt…

… once the ice had been broken, spending became easier, unfortunately we found the discount stalls a bit late in our visit, we were both running out of cash, had crossed most the projects off our lists, we managed to negotiate a discount for the last buy, when we had to pool our coins so my friend could buy some mustard fabric for trousers!

… then when we wanted to leave we discovered we needed to pay for parking, and we didn’t have any money left! Whoops. A frantic search for a cash machine and then a hasty departure before we were tempted by more!

… so what did I find?


… apart from the dotty fish, I picked up some charcoal jersey for a renfrew hack I have been planning for a while; some flowery jersey and some turquoise knit for the two tops I want to make as part of the burda sew-along (10/2012 118 and 119); a piece of emerald green denim for another pair of cargo pants (this is really pushing myself to new limits, I only ever wear jeans or grey trousers!) and a piece of denim for a pair of jeans! I also couldn’t resist some neon yellow webbing for a belt.

… now where do I start?

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