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… after making my yoga pants on Saturday I was on a roll, so I moved straight on to my Burda challenges

… I decided to go for the turquoise wool cowl sweater first (10/2012-118B), because after a few days of tantalising spring, winter has come back and it is freezing again. Definitely not t-shirt weather!

… pieces cut out, I decided to skip the back zipper as I was making this in knit, so I just sewed up the back seam. I also skipped the back darts, I am not very curvy and the the pattern is already quite shaped. The gathering on the side was straight forward, the body sewed up in no time, and looked great when I tried it on to check for fit. I did notice I had cut the front out back-to-front, so my gathers are on the opposite side to the rest of the world – I have a truly unique garment!

… I attacked the sleeves on Sunday, and got into a bit of a fight with them, I got puckering and puff sleeves on my first attempt, so I took them out and started over. Second attempt is better, not perfect, but good enough, especially as unpicking the knit fabric is a nightmare. I finished off by hemming the bottom and sleeves with my new best friend, the double needle.

… I quite like the top, but it is a bit more formal than I tend to wear these days. At the minute I am working from home (when I can find work), and mainly get out to dog walk or exercise, so I don’t think it will get as much wear in the immediate future as it might have when I was rushing in and out of meetings with ministers and the such like each day.

… so that is one Burda down, I will attack my next top later this week…