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… good housekeeping’s new basic cookery…

… preparing to leave home, heading off to university, out shopping with my mother, we stopped to look at cookery books. I decided I needed “Mediterranean cookery” by Claudia Roden, my mother thought I should start off with something simpler. 20+ years later, I still have both books, and the spines are equally cracked and white on both of them from being used so often!

flaps01… one of the stained pages that the new basic cookery book falls open at is the recipe for syrup flapjacks… years of trips away caving, climbing, mountain biking, walking, picnics with friends, a rare tin of golden syrup brought as a gift in the days when you couldn’t buy non local things locally and I lived far away from the UK, any excuse has always been a good enough excuse to make flapjacks!

flaps02… spring may be shy this year here in Belgium, the past week has been freezing and raining, but a couple of friends and I decided “what the hell, lets go walking anyway”… today we headed off to the hills for a day long hike… seemed like a good enough reason to make flapjacks.

… the basic recipe calls for butter, sugar, syrup and oats, I invariably improvise, sometimes replacing butter with coconut oil, oats with muesli, and adding extras like chocolate and crystalised ginger…

… finally it didn’t rain, we had a wonderful day, and sat and ate our picnic on a church wall, overlooking the lush green and yellow countryside – on the menu: asparagus, pea, bean and feta salad followed by chocolate and ginger flapjacks…

IMG_1577chocolate and ginger flapjacks

(adapted from good housekeeping’s new basic cookery) for about 15 flapjacks you will need:

100g butter or coconut oil, or some combination that = 100g

100g brown sugar

200g golden syrup

100g black chocolate

about 400g oats or muesli

a good handful of chopped crystalised ginger, or whatever else you fancy

  • put the butter/oil, sugar, syrup and chocolate in a pan and melt everything together over a low heat
  • add the oats/muesli and ginger, mix well until the oats are completely covered in the chocolate mix. I find it easier to add the oats in 3 or 4 batches to get them evenly mixed
  • grease a +/- 20x30cm tin (or use a silicon one)
  • transfer the oat mix to the tin, distribute evenly
  • bake in the oven at 180ºC for 20 min, or until it begins to look toasted on top
  • cool in the tray, then cut into even sized squares and enjoy