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… until you walk away…

… out for dinner with a work friend who was in town for a couple of days, the restaurant advertised “home-made pasta dishes”, we wondered if the plates were the home-made dishes as we watched them pour “fresh” pasta from bright yellow packaging into pans of boiling water…

… after dinner my friend got up, and as she turned around I realised her plain black jumper wasn’t plain at all! The back has been replaced with some bright and delicate material, a beautiful contrast. I admired, she admitted she couldn’t remember which city she bought it in, I didn’t care…

… the idea was filed away in the back of my mind, added to my “to make” list. I just need to get some dark jersey, I knew exactly which fabric I wanted to use for the back. Some beautiful African wax I bought in Paris years ago, for which I have never found the perfect pattern.

… at the stoffenspektakel fabric market last month, one item on my shopping list was dark jersey. I found some gorgeous, soft heavy weight charcoal jersey, I knew it would be perfect. Back home and the first priorities were my two Burda makes for the Burda sew-along. Once they were made, I could think of my boring black t-shirt.

… I used the Renfrew pattern, it fits well and I have worn my three other Renfrews throughout me-made May. I didn’t want to add the bottom and sleeve cuffs, so I extended the pattern body and sleeves and cut out the front and sleeves. I cut the neck somewhat higher as I am not a huge fan of low neck lines, and used the 75% rule to calculate the length of the neck “cuff”. Then I cut out the back. I cut out the top of the back in black jersey, creating a yoke of about 15 cm tall, then I cut the rest of the back out in wax, adding about 6cm to the centre back. I sewed the wax to the jersey, adding a pleat in the middle, then made the t-shirt up according to the instructions.

renfrew hack @ grt*escp renfrew hack @ grt*escp renfrew hack @ grt*escpboring black tee @ grt*escp boring black tee @ grt*escp