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… today I finally stripped the last of the wallpaper

… the plasterers are in, finishing off the walls, patching them up, priming and painting faster than I ever could do by myself. They let me have a go at plastering one day, and quickly went back over my attempt, smoothing my fumbling, lumpy strokes…

… this week they should bring the sanding machines in and start work on the floors too… things are moving, but there is still so much to do and I hope to move mid-September!

… we need to work out whether we can remove the radiators to fix the walls behind them (and probably paint them while we have them out) and I hope an electrician will come and sort out the random cables the other electricians (who are now on holiday) left behind, television, telephone and doorbells, inter-phones and who knows what!

… somehow searching for not too ugly doorbells, I ended up looking at fire alarms… it is early days yet, I don’t have a finished ceiling to attach one to, but I think I am decided, when I do have to buy my fire alarm, this is the one I am going to get, by Jalo Helsinki

Jalo Helsinki Lento smoke detector