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… when I bought the sumptuous fur the woman in the shop thought I was mad when I told her I was going to use it for a dog bed cover…

… with hind sight, she may have been right, as I have no idea how I will wash it, but we’ll deal with that problem when we get there! In the mean time, T go another new bed cover yesterday, and I am quite jealous of him!

… the stripy ikea cover needed to be washed, and as seems to be my tradition, Christmas day is a day to enjoy working on projects, so after a long run in the morning, and after sorting out the final sockets that had been exposed metal with no cover since I moved in in September (better late than never!), decorating my electric switch box with Washi tape and hanging a mirror in my entrance hall, I got out my sewing machine, channelled all the information I had picked up online about sewing with fur, and made a new bed cover.

… I measured the bed insert, lay the fabric on the floor right-side down to measure and cut, T immediately decided that it looked comfortable and settled down on the fabric. He was most disgruntled when I had to move a paw as I cut. Everyone recommends cutting the backing with a x-acto knife or a roller cutter, rather than cutting through with scissors. I certainly found the amount of loose fluff was minimal using this approach. I used some brown synthetic suede type material for the bottom of the cover, I just made an envelope opening. To sew, again following recommendations, I pushed the bulk of the fur towards the inside of seam, this avoids fur getting caught in the workings of the sewing machine and also makes for a neat seam.

one bed is never enough @ grt*escp… the whole thing probably only took an hour or so to make, it has already been tried and tested and met with approval.

one bed is never enough @ grt*escp one bed is never enough @ grt*escp… my plan for the remaining fur was to make a cowl, I have seen such elegant options in the shops, and it really couldn’t be complicated… except clearly my fur is far too stiff and dense, my head disappeared into the tube I made, I didn’t get round to lining it, and I won’t, I will use my failed oeuvre as a cushion cover 🙂