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… I needed to get a yellow fever vaccination for Ghana, early morning appointment at the hospital, the route to the metro station to get to work afterwards almost passed by Berger fabrics, I decided I could make a quick detour…

… I was looking for fabric to cover my thrifted chair. I didn’t find anything, I did fall in love with some fake fur that had just come in, but decided that there was no way I could carry a bag of that discreetly into the office, so I picked up a piece of viscose for another Renfrew, and decided to come back at the weekend.

… a couple of weeks passed, I hadn’t made it back to Berger which is only open Saturday morning at the weekend, I had a few errands to run, so I took the afternoon off work. I was in the neighbourhood of Berger, I decided to have a quick look to see if they had anything new to cover my chair, before I went to the Stoffenspektakel fabric fair on the Sunday. I walked in to the shop, there was a small piece of the fur I had been dreaming of left, I picked that up and started looking for chair fabric, nothing in the decorating textiles caught my eye, there was nothing in the heavy weight cottons and canvases downstairs in the right colour, I was ready to give up…

… I decided to have a look at the fake furs. I have been wondering what I could make with the fake cows hide for years… then I spotted some fake sheepskin: fuzzy on one side and a cream “suede” on the other, it was soft, sturdy, pale and neutral – exactly what I was looking for.

… I sewed the cushion covers up a couple of weeks ago. I had bought the foam from the same shop I went to for T’s dog bed. I couldn’t find cream zips, so I went for lime green. Who would guess it was a 20€ chair!

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