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… people with children, can you help me?

… the baby I made the snow suit and the baby blanket for is turning 1 this week, I have been invited to a party for him this weekend… I feel like I ought to sew up a gift!

… what do 1 year old boys, or mother’s of 1 year old boys want??

… I was hoping to use fabric I already have, maybe some of colourful African wax, or some jersey. Do small boys wear pyjamas (cotton bottoms, t-shirt top), would a jersey top with cotton sleeves work…

… I will only have half a day at the weekend to work on what ever I decide to make, so a fully fledged button down shirt is probably more than I want to make. I would also prefer a free or not too expensive pattern as I won’t be making many variations…

… any hints or recommendations would be most welcome! Thank you!!what do small boys like @ grt*escp… a year ago with the blanket and hat I made him.