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… so many great suggestions for quick kids projects, thank you!

… in the end I decided to quickly whip up a pair of best harem pants, as per Jo’s recommendation and an envelope necked t-shirt as recommended by Kat

… easy!?

… or not!

… after going through my jersey collection I decided I needed something a bit more fun and kidsy, so Friday after work I rushed by the fabric shop, put my blinkers on and headed straight to the back where I know the kid’s fabric is… it was sales, things had been moved, cursed sales lady sent me back to the front of the shop, I was trying not to see the adult jersey reduced to 5€/m, I returned to the back of the shop looking for the kid’s stuff with 2 bolts tucked under my arm…

… mother is a sailor, we both work in marine stuff, pirates seemed the obvious choice… I left the shop quickly before I accidentally picked up anything else!

that was a challenge @ grt*escp… patterns printed and taped up – wow – 3 pages of A4 for a pair of trousers, I can see the attraction of sewing kid’s clothes! Plus both items fitted on two lengths of fabric 50cm each…

… I made the trousers first, easy enough, until I notice I had sewn the waist band on inside out – duh… this would be the first of many sessions with my unpicker…

… for the t-shirt I used smalldreamfactory’s envelope t-shirt pattern, and I really struggled with the neck… so much so, I actually made the t-shirt 3 times and then took it all apart as I was never happy with how the neck lay. It still isn’t perfect, but in the end I gave up! So much for a quick couple of hours project, it took me the better part of the day…

… at least the mother loved them, the birthday boy was far more interested in a plastic toy with flashing lights!

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