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… once I unpacked my new serger, I was on a roll…

… I zipped up my (failed) underwear, then immediately cut out the pieces for the Grainline Hemlock tee. I had put the pattern together while I was visiting my parents, and I knew exactly which fabric I wanted to use…

serging the hemlock @ grt*escp… at the first Belgian blogger meet, last summer, my lovely (blogless) friend Margot gave me some wonderful green on green stripe heavy weight jersey. As soon as I saw it I thought “long sleeved tee with contrasting sleeves”. The only decision I had to make was whether I used the dark side for the body or the sleeves!

… I followed the Grainline online tutorial, just to be sure I was doing the right thing. I so often make patterns up intuitively, but I get the impression mistakes with the serger would be much more final.

… the whole top came together in an instant, I then used my sewing machine and fabulous double needle for the hem and sleeves. I may be able to do them on a serger too, but I haven’t worked that much out yet. The shop where I bought the machine offers you a free lesson with each purchase, I still need to sign up for mine!

serging the hemlock @ grt*escpserging the hemlock @ grt*escp serging the hemlock @ grt*escp… now if only it would warm up 15-20º, so I can wear my new tee-shirt out!