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… penguins.

… I seem to have found my sewing mojo again. I spent the afternoon making a cowl top – more about that later – then I decided I should make a gift to give to a small child next week…

… I remembered the latest edition of the “Dossiers couture” magazine I downloaded recently. This is the series that has some of my favourite Japanese patterns. This volume has some fun and simple patterns for crazy creatures, I scrolled through and found what I wanted…


… I dug out my box of scraps, and found some black fleece left over from a top I made a couple of years ago; some grey towelling left over from my yoga towel, the same fabric I used for my laptop cover; a few scraps of orange fleece from the baby suit and some scary bright green felt, and I made a penguin!

… I hope small children are less destructive than dogs! I only sewed the seams once, except at the protruding pieces which I sewed  three times. When I make dog toys for my super destructive dog I sew all the seams at least 3 times, and they seem to withstand his determination to undo my work!

… I hope the green eyes won’t give her nightmares!