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… a few weeks ago I went with a friend to our favourite material shop. I had no plans to buy anything, I had “won” a bunch of material from an expensive shop a few days prior, and I have a bunch of projects on my to do list. Somehow I still managed to come away with 2m of soft fluffy cream fleece and some gaudy Chinese style material!

… a few days earlier I had discovered Jalie patterns, and more specifically their 2682 V-neck top that Aleah from “no time to sew” had made – it was love at first sight. But when I searched for Jalie patterns I couldn’t find a European distributor, and the shipping from Canada to Belgium was more than the cost of the pattern… I thought about it, and thought about it, but I couldn’t bring myself to press the “add to cart” button.

… kindly Jalie have their instructions and schematic diagrams available on their website, and the top didn’t look too complicated, so I took a basic top pattern and added bits and chopped the front in half lengthways and found some sleeves from another pattern, and was pretty sure I had the pattern kind of sussed…

… but I didn’t want to risk making a mess with my wonderful fleece, so I dug into my material box and found some remnants of cotton, from my failed attempt at a quilt. I used the green for the v-neck front, polka dotted turquoise material for the top back and plain turquoise for the rest of the body. I decided to forego the sleeves on this trail…

… and it actually worked out quite well. I have a summer top in case summer ever decides to appear!


… as the snow came back, and temperatures plummeted this past week from a balmy 15ºC to -10ºC. I decided I hadn’t missed the boat for my fleece top, so I made a few adjustments to the pattern, and cut it out. The fleece is gorgeous, so soft, but it sheds like a snow storm, my whole apartment is covered in white fluff, as am I. Even the dog had fluff on him, but as he is white anyway it didn’t really matter.

… because the material shed so much I wasn’t so diligent trying on between steps, so when I did try it on the seam that was supposed to be below my bust was actually at my navel, and the shoulders were half way to my elbows… hmmm – I tried unpicking seams, but that was mission impossible, so I just chopped them off, and made the top slightly more fitted. Overall I am very happy with how it turned out, it is super cosy and very flattering… although the back doesn’t lay perfectly flat.

… I may buy the pattern yet!