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… May was definitely a sewing month…

…although I failed admirably at making any semblance of a record, photographic or other, I think I achieved and probably even exceeded my Me-Made goal of 3 items per week.

… I made 2 items for the Burda sew-along, and a few other projects I had been stewing in the back of my mind for a while, but nothing since my wax-backed t-shirt…

… I certainly remember that I wore my turquoise Burda top to a rather momentous occasion on the 31st… an auction in which I bought an apartment! That came around rather unexpectedly, and was quite a blur. My present landlord has been telling me he wanted to sell the place I am living in for over a year, and when I finally told him I was interested, he procrastinated and never came up with a asking price. When I pushed him, he back tracked and told me he had finally decided he didn’t want to sell… I had a half hearted look at announcements on the Monday, knowing I would never find anything that I would like as much as this, saw one place that felt like it might have potential, I visited it on Tuesday, fell in love and the auction was on Friday. It is a 1930s art nouveau building and the apartment was occupied by the same lady since the 1960s, so it is going to need some renovation. I dare say my creative energies in the coming months may well shift from the sewing machine to power tools!

apartment - grt*escp… apartment bought and I was straight off to Serbia for a week – teaching yoga at the relatively new Bikram studio there, and discovering a new city. Belgrade is a lovely place, at the confluence of 2 big rivers, water plays an important part of life which is especially nice when the sun is shining. I spent a lot of the time I wasn’t teaching walking, cycling, eating, drinking and reading by the water and enjoying the warmth of the sun.

… and last night I suddenly remembered I had promised a friend I was seeing today that I would make a zippered pouch for her sister… so out came the machine, some waxed cotton, some left over polka dot fabric, a couple of zips and an hour or so later I had a pouch…

zippered pouch - grt*escp zippered pouch - grt*escp zippered pouch - grt*escp