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… I had been looking for some happy flannel for a while, not serious checks, or sombre tones, but something bright and cheerful, in contrast to the grey of winter.

… last week, when I went to get the fleece for my friend’s baby’s blanket, I stumbled on some material which was exactly what I wanted… in fact, I had to chose between several wonderful designs, I need to spend more time in the children’s section of the fabric store.

… I hate being cold, and I am always cold, I live wrapped in layers and layers of clothes, bulked up against the elements. At night it is the same thing, I have 2 hot water bottles and love my flannel pyjamas. But I only have 1 pair, so I had been on the look out for some others for a while, until I realised it made no sense to buy expensive pyjama trousers when I could easily make myself some…

… so yesterday afternoon I made them. I realised a friend has borrowed my pyjama pattern, so I just used a trouser pattern from a magazine of Japanese patterns I bought last year, added a bit of width to them, and they worked out great… in fact, it turned out to be such a nice pattern, I think I will make some “real” trousers with it soon.


… and then, as I was inspired, I traced out the pattern for the Minoru. I didn’t want to cut the original pattern as I am still not sure about size – depending on whether I measure my bust, waist or hips I am 3 different sizes… I went for the bust measurement! Fingers crossed! I will cut the material this afternoon and start working on it.